About Derek Gardner

Derek Gardner, Performance Rehabilitation Specialist

Derek Gardner, Performance Rehabilitation Specialist

I originally qualified as a personal trainer and sports therapist in Feb 2003. Since then I have worked for several organisations while developing and gaining knowledge as a Fitness and Rehabilitation Specialist.

With clients from a variety of sports and fitness levels I successfully use Sports Activation techniques to help my clients surpass their health and fitness goals.

Many people have physical restrictions to getting stronger, moving faster, and feeling healthier. This is where Sports Activation Therapy comes in. Through over-use of some muscles, and under-use of other muscles, the body is susceptible to muscle imbalances, which in turn cause aches and pains to both active and inactive people.

Sports Activation Therapy is a powerful treatment which helps correct those imbalances so quickly that everyone I have treated has experienced immediate changes!

Functional training, performance training, functional therapy, injury rehabilitation, muscle Injuries, rehabilitation and specialised personal training, are all also included in my armoury when it comes to getting my clients feeling, moving, and performing better.

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