About SAT

Elements of Sports Activation TherapyIn an electrical circuit everything works perfectly until part of the circuit becomes overloaded, a fuse blows and the circuit shuts down. Imagine your body is like a giant electrical circuit which connects all your muscles, organs and related parts.

It works as it was designed to until it becomes overloaded, or pushed to its limit, by the demands you make on it and then you blow your own fuse! Your body shuts down the nerve pathways to vulnerable muscles and areas preventing you from further damage. A blown fuse is nature’s way of protecting you and it keeps on protecting you until the fuse is ‘rewired’.

When your body is protecting it cannot be performing!

Until your ‘blown fuse’ is repaired fully and full connection re-established, your body will develop new patterns of performance without that part of your electrical circuit firing fully. Some muscles will be working harder and others shutting down completely. You’ll be performing at less than full power with poorer results and end up overloading another circuit and blowing another fuse! How often does one niggling injury lead to another more significant one?

That minor niggle in your back, knee, shoulder or neck is often the result of a ‘blown fuse’ somewhere in your body that has never been ‘rewired’.

SAT identifies and helps you correct the blown fuses by reactivating and re-establishing the nerve messages between your brain and muscles. Your ‘fuses’ get repaired and fully reconnected, your body stops feeling it has to protect itself and you can operate at your full potential! Imagine that…!

When all your muscles systems are activated and operating at their full potential your performance will be transformed every time and everywhere.

The Benefits of SAT

Benefits of SAT Treatment