Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about SAT?

Simply, it works with with the body’s natural mechanisms and functions rather than against them. You’ll feel the physical, mental and emotional differences instantly and they will last.

Unlike other therapy methods, treatment programs or exercise routines that view muscle tightness as the primary factor in pain and injury, SAT sees muscle tightness as the body’s natural protection mechanism that is activated when the brain detects an unstable joint due to weakness. Stretching, massaging or manipulating the joint in order to release tightness does not get to the root of the problem.

SAT addresses the dysfunctional muscles responsible for joint instability directly and restores normal joint function by eliminating your body’s need for muscle tightness without overriding its crucial protective mechanism.

Is this only for people that do lots of sport and are good at it?
Absolutely not! SAT is for virtually everyone. You thrive when you feel truly alive and stimulated and each one of us has that potential. Young or old, fit or lazy, SAT will change the way you function physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our clients come from all walks of life and include fitness instructors, athletes, team players, yoga and Pilates teachers, running coaches, runners, triathletes, yogis, footballers, kick boxers, skiers and sportspeople who simply enjoy moving their bodies and keeping fit.

Where did this treatment come from?

With over 25 years experience in health and fitness, Martin has come across many therapies that relieve symptoms without getting to the root of the actual problems. By going on numerous courses, listening to many experts, doing my own research, listening to clients and observing the results, he realised that using the elements of a number of powerful treatments he could create more permanent effects in his clients’ lives.

SAT builds upon tried and tested techniques used across a whole range of other disciplines. From Muscle Activation Therapy, sports and Thai Yoga massage to myofascial release, it uses the best of these and channels them into improving your performance. Whether at rest, at work and at play SAT will achieve measurable results immediately.

How long do the benefits of each treatment last?

That eternal question! Everyone is different. SAT teaches the body new patterns of movement which ideally are to become a new habitual way of moving. Life happens and we react and respond. Some people will have significant changes whilst others will require more intervention and reminders.

SAT enables you to perform better physically, mentally and emotionally and manage stress more effectively.

One full treatment will be beneficial, more will lead to even greater changes and shifts. No claim can be made for how long though. Life happens!

Can anyone learn this treatment or is it only for trained professionals?

We believe that intention is always the most important element when working with clients. There has to be more though. That means a thorough knowledge and understanding of the way the body functions and how to work on clients safely and so they feel comfortable and confident. This is where the training element comes in.

To maintain the high standard and expectations of SAT everyone that wants to practice SAT has to pass Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology. Previous learning in related areas will be considered on an individual basis.

Do I still have to stretch? 

Stretching can only play an important part in training if the muscle being stretched is functioning in a compensatory state – and imbalanced. The body has to be operating in a correct sequence pattern first and then stretching has great value. If the body is compensating the compensation is what is actually being trained!

Do I have to have the course of treatments or will a single one be enough? 

A single treatment will make a difference to your performance and injuries. From our experience though the full course of four treatments will rebalance and restore the imbalances and impact of traumas fully and for longer – often permanently. It’s about investing in you, being committed to improving and getting more powerful results than a one off pay as you go approach. I offer the single session because it is an affordable way to explore SAT.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what SAT is like and the differences its made?

Of course! Be our guest. Go to the Success Stories page, see who you think resonates with you the most and then we’ll give you their details so you can send them an email. They’ll be happy to share their experiences with you.