Success Stories

Constanza Ruff“I’m an actress and a circus performer and was struggling with different parts of my body “not cooperating” when training. I’ve been to every single physio in the country who had told me I had an atrophy on my shoulder and given me a number of exercises to do. They didn’t do much. So I decided to give this a try.

SAT opened things in my body I wasn’t even aware they existed. It was painful, very painful, but it unlocked channels for some reason had been obstructed for a long time. Suddenly I started understanding lots of things about myself and I am more aware of my body now; things affect me differently. I began questioning and re-evaluating things in other areas of my life. Retrospectively, I know I landed on Martin’s doorstep because there were other things in my life that needed “opening” but I had to go through my body and not my mind to reach out to them.

Martin is funny, professional, approachable and knowledgeable. He will try and help you in any way he can if you want to help yourself. He knows how bodies work and if one is willing to let him in, he can work his magic. It’s a matter of letting go. And I can’t emphasize that enough. Of how important it is to learn to let go. I guess my favorite thing of all my sessions, more than the fact that my hips are mobile, my shoulders are back (which I can finally train with!) and my feet have bounce , is the fact I can breathe. I realized how little I breathe throughout my day and whilst exercising and how crucial it is for everything I do. It’s where it all started and for me and the most important tool to take with me.

I think everyone should give SAT a go. We could all do with some more space within us to live more wholesome lives.” – Constanza Ruff – Actress and Circus Performer

Martin Clark, Triathlete“As a reasonably fit individual who trains about 5/6 times a week and regularly takes part in triathlons, I thought I knew my body and its ability quite well, then I heard about Sports Activation Therapy and was intrigued too know more about what it was.After just one session I was amazed at the effect that it had on my body and performance. I ran 24 hours after the session and felt more comfortable running at a higher speed and felt that I could push myself more than normal, these effects have continued weeks after.Martin’s knowledge of the human body and the way it works made me feel confident that I was in the right hands. I would recommend anyone to undertake a session with Martin and see the results for themselves.” – Martin Clark, Triathlete

Rob Williams, Runner and Yogi“Despite practising yoga for several years I had always found that my hips remained tight. Lower-body asanas had always remained challenging. I’m a keen runner but found my legs were often tight and sore. No amount of stretching alleviated this. I always thought this was just how I was made and probably everyone suffered in a similar way.My first session with Martin started with us discussing my physical activity and how I felt in my body. He put me at ease with his warmth and good humour. He explained what would be involved in the treatment. He had been recommended to me by some friends who had all sung his praises! What followed for me was intense and I feel completely life-changing. Through the session he ‘activated’ muscles that had been under-performing or not performing for years. I started to feel lighter and taller and more aligned. My awareness of my body and how it works was raised on both a physical and mental level. I left his studio full of self-confidence and feeling completely in control of my body and my life.I’ve since had several sessions with Martin and the effects have been amazing. My overall flexibility and range of movement has improved. I’ve noticed this in my yoga practice and at the gym. I have a greater self-awareness of my body and my posture. My breathing has become more conscious and nourishing. I’ve also gained an insight into the linkages between mind and body and how the stresses of life can impact me.Overall working with Martin has been a revelation and one I’m very keen to continue with!” – Rob Williams, Runner and Yogi

Alice Driver, Cyclist“The treatment was brilliant. It got me out of my head space and gave me something which I could physically feel the benefits of. I spend so much time in head and it was great to engage with my body. It made me feel incredibly grounded and I have missed that.I feel incredibly positive and that session really felt like another turning point for me. I am really excited about the future. I keep activating the muscle (if that is the right terminology) on my sternum before a meeting or if I just need to stop. It is a physical thing that I can do and it makes me feel as opposed to think things through. I use it to remind myself to be grounded, calm and kind.” – Alice Driver, Cyclist

Andy Jones, Yogi“I came to Martin after watching him diagnose and treat a friend’s shoulder pain in an instant, and I’ve since been bowled over with the results.Martin took the time to ask me about my whole life, not just the aches and pains I presented him with, and then devised a treatment plan that was extremely effective and targeted very specifically the areas where I needed most help. The sessions were powerful and intense and left me not just with an incredible feeling of relief but also long-lasting changes that took me by surprise. My breathing, energy and sleep have improved, my muscle ache has gone away, and I feel more in control of myself but also a lot more relaxed. Martin is not a miracle worker – he’s just really good at his job.” – Andy Jones, Runner and Yogi

Daphne Silk, Walker“I have known Martin for quite some time, and was more than a little curious about the new treatment he was doing, so when the opportunity arose to try it first hand I was enthusiastic.The results were unexpected, far reaching and extremely beneficial. Physically almost instant, things that were previously difficult I now found I could do with ease. My energy levels soared I felt great!

Emotionally it was rather more subtle, evolving gradually over the next few weeks, hang ups and old issues resolved, a much more positive attitude, renewed interest, and a more confident mentally refreshed me, eagerly anticipating the future. ” – Daphne Silk, Walker

Neale Thomas“The first session with Martin completely blew me away. It was not what I was expecting and like nothing I had ever experienced before. I think I was expecting an energetic massage, but this was something so much more.I have always considered myself reasonably fit and reasonably aware of my body. A history of Tai Chi, martial arts and yoga led me to the (mistaken) belief that my body was in relatively good condition and working more or less the way it should. I knew that years of banging weights had left some bits of me a bit contracted and that advancing age, I believed, was causing some age-related restrictions and stiffness but overall, I thought things were ok. How wrong.

After the first 5 minutes with Martin, I could feel my shoulders move in a range of movement I don’t think I had ever remembered. The biggest surprise were my glutes. I thought I had a genetically flat derriere, but after Martin did his magic, I could really feel them working and powering my movement. I had been getting bored with exercising, believing that I had reached the point where I could go no further, but after Martin’s session, I was very excited to get back to the gym and try out my new muscles. The change in my workout was amazing: a whole new range of movement, no pinching or stiffness. Yoga too was a revelation. The movements were easier and I found I could get into the postures with more ease.

Each session with Martin has brought increased and cumulative improvements. A long standing injury to my ankle is improving and I have movement in my feet and ankles I never knew I had. After 4 treatments with Martin, I can’t imagine ever not needing or wanting to have sessions with him – the difference each time is truly awesome and mind blowing. As I recently told him, he can never retire.” – Neale Thomas, Yogi

Marc Brown, Competitive Runner and Endurance Running Coach“As a competitive runner, I’m used to the odd ache here and pain there. However, I did have a sharp pain in my foot that wasn’t going away, and was causing major disruptions to my training schedule. So I visited Martin for some treatments, and within a short space of time, not only did the pain decrease significantly, but I also started to feel stronger. Currently, I’m running with no injuries and my recovery times have also decreased.I’m now looking forward to further improving as a runner, and with Martin’s help, getting those times down.” – Marc Brown, Competitive Runner and Endurance Running Coach

Emily Shaw, Runner and Keen Exerciser“Martin used the Sports Activation Therapy on me a week before my wedding, and the results were amazing. The aim of the session was to help me to cope with the build up to the wedding and the effects it was having on me both physically and mentally. The Sports Activation Therapy was brilliant – having felt stressed and lacking in energy, I left feeling completely calm and in control. I also slept amazingly – which is pretty astounding a few days before your wedding! It was a wonderful technique which instantly improved all aspects of my wellbeing.” – Emily Shaw, Runner and Keen Exerciser

Scott Graham“I work full time in the fitness industry teaching Pilates throughout central London. I travel a lot and when I can I try to get regular sports massage for myself and my tired body!Before stumbling across Martin my personal workouts and classes were an effort to do. Feeling tired and constantly looking for my next coffee fix as i’m sure many of us do was something that i was looking to change! I’m always open to new therapies, ways to make me feel better and generally to improve myself and when Martin explained about what he did, I was sceptical but intrigued! How would he be able to re-energise my body? Apart from throwing towels drenched in coffee to wake my body up, I was open to change!

The first session after a discussion about life in general, we both agreed that I should try to do a squat! I’ve always found my legs weak and my back tight and so used this as the benchmark to the session! After Martin working his magic, it came to performing the squat again – I guess when squatting I tend to psychologically gear my back and legs up to actually move the way I believe they’re suppose to move! During the squat I literally felt as if my legs were like feathers and virtually bounced off the floor! Effortless movement coupled with a feeling of Euphoria for the fact it felt so good to move without restriction!

I left the first session, as I have done with the second session, in a Euphoric state. Feeling energised and ready to take life on physically, mentally and emotionally! I’ve told many of my friends about Martin and i’m sure they think I’m earning commission from it, however all I could say to them was…. go, see for yourself!For me this is a new monthly routine ‘Sports Activation Therapy’ which I can’t see how I’ve managed to live without it!” – Scott Graham, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Richard Dwyer“Before I worked with Martin, I had no idea of Sports Activation Therapy. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical and thought it would be the usual, but helpful, sports-like treatment. However, I wasn’t prepared for the results. The process was more interesting.I realised in the course of the treatment how bent out of shape I really was. I had accepted that I had a protruding chest for most of my life and thought it normal. However, in the course of intense treatment, my chest effectively receded and what had been visually non-existent abdominal muscles moved forward to their natural place.

I have, since the treatment, been able to engage my core far more effectively than before which has eased certain gym based workouts. In the course of the treatment, I also realised that my lower back was also not engaged nor was my pelvic area. As a result, I am more conscious of using my legs more whilst maintaining a relaxed upper body (wherein I had previously held a lot of tension). It was something of a revelation to be honest and changed my long-term relationship with my body.

Martin is somebody I trusted from the outset. He is committed to making sure that the client is respected and feels comfortable; a key ingredient in the process. This was important in an intense, though positive, experience. I would definitely go to Martin again. – Richard Dwyer, Barefoot Runner

Dale Blake“Before using Sports Activation Therapy, I had suffered with repeated shoulder injuries and hamstring tightness. I believed both these conditions were the result of how my body had grown and were a permanent fact.Once I had started with Martin I soon realised that this was not the case and in actual fact both issues could not only be address but my whole attitude towards training could change. Through a carefully planned program of goal setting, training guidance and Sports Activation Therapy I started on a gradual path to improvement.

I now have vastly improved flexibility, muscle control and an understanding of my own body. This has enabled me to swim, cycle and run with greater efficiency and enjoyment with no repeat of older problems.

If I had been aware of how I could improve my life through Sports Activation Therapy I would have started on the journey far earlier. I am looking forward to new challenges, improved diet and a wider range of gym free training than ever before.” – Dale Blake, Athlete, Cyclist and Canoeist

Steve Cox“I have been studying and practising Tai Chi for 6 years so considered my self pretty relaxed and a relatively good shape for 49. Martin mentioned to me his Sports Activation Therapy and, since first meeting Martin and having confidence in his abilities and integrity, decided to give it a go. Martin talked through the process during the session which allowed me to relax into the treatment working at a pace comfortable for me. After the treatment, my chest felt more aligned as it had dropped and the base of my spine felt amazing as have always suffered from a duck back.” – Steve Cox, Tai Chi Practitioner

Steve Smith, Kick Boxer“I have been going to kick boxing for just over two years and have completed two belts. As you go to higher grades there is a need for greater flexibility as it’s necessary in the grading exam to perform higher kicks generally. My flexibility has never been great so Martin suggested I try his sports activation therapy, this was in conjunction with his Mind Body fitness programme I am also undertaking.I have had several different therapies over the years including deep tissue massage, sports massage and adjustments. This was by far the most demanding of the the therapies but, under excellent supervision by Martin and explanation of what it was he was doing, I endured the massage amidst much laughing. (apparently there is a close link to pain and laughter). I could actually see and feel differences in my body at the end of the first session.

I attended my normal Monday kick boxing class that evening and was quite astounded by the results, not only was my left leg (the worst of the two) more flexible and my kicks higher but my general stability much improved. I shall definitely be going back for more sessions.” – Steve Smith, Kick Boxer

Craig Norris, Yoga teacher“Before the treatment with Martin I was getting along ok with my body. I would have physical issues arise in my body that would sometimes hinder me in my yoga practice and I would end up sometimes just not wanting to practice but on the whole I considered things to be ‘acceptable’.I got introduced to Martin through a friend and he spoke about his technique. It sounded interesting as I observed my own body becoming more out of alignment as I am getting older and in certain ways that for some reason yoga practice wasn’t giving me all the help that I wanted. I was interested but in honesty I wasn’t sure about the price tag. I felt very comfortable in Martin’s company and as he described the technique it did sound like something that I was looking for to address what I wanted to get from my body. I was feeling that I really wanted more and I was on a plateau.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and the process I did find quite intense. Martin was there the whole time giving me full reassurance and supporting me throughout. As we went though the treatment continuous assessments were taking place as the ‘instant’ physical results were observed. It was quite startling. After the treatment other results came to light especially on an emotional level. Issues that I have been trying to look at from different angles began to shift and trying not to sound too corny ‘my heart is much more open’ and areas that I have been very hard on myself there has been a lot more acceptance and through this some of my behavioural patterns that were not serving me have shifted.

I was expecting the results to be more just for my posture but the treatments have affected me on a much deeper level. I am very thankful to have met Martin and gone through this process.”- Craig Norris, Yoga teacher